I am a crusader of Joy and Sparkle, de-mystifier of life’s dilemmas! I can help lead you to a life of Courage, Clarity and Abundance.

“Manifestation” is an Art - Speaking at a TEDx in September 2022, was my wishlist for 29 years. I have learnt this art an can can help you manifest your dreams and aspirations too!

“My 11-year Journey to come out on the other side of Broken-ness, is a saga of Healing with faith, and courage to become the Editor to of my own story! To start taking radical responsibility of your life again, we need to make Forgiveness and Gratitude our allies, so that we can seek clarity, confidence, and inner strength, to navigate through life”.

Over the years, I have been blessed to be under the tutelage of many evolved masters like Swami Dayananda Saraswati (Arsha Vidya), Phyllis Krystal (Cutting the ties that bind), and Master Dhyan Vimal (Dhyan Vimal Institute for higher learning). I am also a Kriya Yoga Initiate, Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Coach (School of Excellence), “Cutting the Ties that Bind” Facilitator (Phyllis Krystal), Advanced Pranic Healer (WPHF, Karnataka), and Tibetan Bowls Sound Healer (Srikam Institute).

As, Founder Director of “The Circle of Joy”, a wellbeing platform I bring insightful Self-Mastery Programs and Retreats, that encapsulate wisdom from masters and learnings from my own tumultuous self-healing journey, and have helped hundreds of women to adopt mindset agility, that allows them to walk the path to brilliance at work and relationships.

I am also a National award-winning Transformation and Mindfulness Facilitator, Change – Catalyst, Tibetan singing Bowls Healer, International keynote speaker, featured contributing author BIZCATALYST360, BUSINESSWOMEN 360°, Silver Talkies, and many more publications.

I am so grateful for the success of my Talk show on YouTube, called “Choosing Joy- Secrets and Stories from around the world”, that has brought many wonderful souls who are now part of my Tribe, because I opened my “heart” to them first. As a Contributing Author, my first short story was published in an anthology, “Diversity – it changes the perspective you see world
with”, is a part of Global intellectual series.

My DNA is “giving”, compassion and gratitude, so in my roles as President of Lifestyle and fitness, Karnataka, Women’s Indian Council of Commerce and Industry (2019 – 2022), Advisor and Honorary Mentor to NGO’s like ArtMantram, and “Virya”, and MENTORx, hundreds of women have empowered themselves.

Awards conferred on me, that I received with gratitude: Women of Excellence Award through The Women Economic Forum, 2019 and Iconic Woman 2020, Swami Vivekananda Award: Change Maker of 2020.

I have recently won the prestigious “STRI SHAKTI AWARD, 2021”, a National Award by TCEI, Telangana Government, India, given to women who are Change-makers and Influencers in their respective fields of expertise.

My two children live in Australia, and after living in 9 countries, I have now made Bangalore, India, my home.